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Police to help a police officer was bitten

Detective Senior Sergeant Paul Newman says the officer was set upon by the occupants of a stolen car in downtown Auckland after having chased and caught the driver G-suite manchester.

The officer was trying to fend off four assailants, receiving bites to his arms and legs that later required medical attention, and may have faced a more serious problem if two security guards hadn't intervened.

"It is selfless acts like this that make you realise that it is more than just police fighting crime it's a team effort and a partnership with the community that makes the difference g-suite," Det Snr Sgt Newman said.

The officer is at home with moderate injuries and is likely to be back at work next week.

A 15-year-old man has been referred to Youth Court on charges of aggravated wounding and unlawfully taking a motor vehicle, while three women aged 19 to 21 will face charges of aggravated assault and unlawfully getting into a motor vehicle g-suite cardinal manchester.
publié le lundi 12 août à 06:40

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